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After a long wait, finally Mitra Adi Perkasa brings the most famous chocolate store to Indonesia. Yes, it was GODIVA Chocolatier

GODIVA Chocolatier got its start in 1926 in Belgium. GODIVA Chocolatier began as a small praline-making business run by the Draps family; It was named Chocolatier Draps. Joseph Draps want to produce more exclusive chocolate and opened a store. Inspired from the legend of Lady Godiva, the wife of a ruling monarch that lived hundreds of years ago, he based the name of his company on a legend of passion and purity. One of the first GODIVA Chocolatier shops still stands in the beautiful, historic Grand Place in Brussels.

Lady Godiva was sympathetic with the people and confronted her husband. Lady Godiva’s husband issued a challenge that if she would ride nude through the streets of Coventry with no citizen looking upon her, he would lift the tax. Lady Godiva accepted the challenge, completed it successfully and the tax was lifted. That is why GODIVA Chocolatier's logo is a naked woman who riding a horse.

87 years of excellence and innovation, GODIVA Chocolatier keep to indulge their customers with legendary chocolate and luxurious truffles until now. Located on the first level of Plaza Indonesia, GODIVA Chocolatier outlet is not too spatial, but their collections of Chocolate truffles, bars and pralines will make your jaw drop and mouth drool. 

GODIVA Chocolatier also displayed their wonderful packaging and gift box set that you choose according your budget. 

Well, on this opportunity I would like to introduce you with their Chocolixir collections. This cold chocolate beverage is very suitable to refreshing and to quenching your thirst from Indonesia's heat. They serve 4 kinds of chocolixir.

Iced Milk Chocolate IDR 55,000

For a lactose intolerant like me, I have to bear the risk on my own when I drink this chocolixir series. But because chocolate is my most favorite thing on this world, I don't really care about the risk. The first Chocolixir that I want to introduce you is the Iced Milk Chocolate. For you who love the silky texture of milk, velvety chocolate, and indulging sweetness, this chocolixir is the perfect match for you. For me, its deliciousness are worth taking risk!

Iced Dark Chocolate IDR 55,000

One thing that I realize about GODIVA Chocolatier; their dark chocolate is not as bitter as the other brands. Their dark chocolate have a hint of sweetness that will indulge your tongue to the fullest. 

Iced Dark Chocolate Raspberry IDR 55,000

Actually dark chocolate is quite difficult to combined with other ingredients. I just thought that dark chocolate will blend perfectly with orange. But when you tried this chocolixir, you will fall in love instantly. Dark chocolate and raspberry have strong aromas and bold taste, but when both of them were combined, they will blend perfectly. In fact, the raspberry complimented the dark chocolate flavor. This is my favorite chocolixir from GODIVA Chocolatier.

Iced Dark Chocolate Mint IDR 55,000

The combination of indulging dark chocolate and refreshing mint is something that you cannot resist. It will give you calm and comfortable chocolate sensation but it also gives you encouraging and refreshing mint. This chocolixir sweetness is very fit to my taste. That is why this beverage was also one of my favorite chocolixir.

Have a great day and godspeed.

GODIVA Chocolatier 
Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Unit 114
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30

T. +62 21 2992 3972
Facebook: Godiva Indonesia
Twitter: @GODIVAIndonesia

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