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Sushi [ 寿司 ]
is a Japanese food that combined vinegared rice / sumeshi [ 酢飯 ] 
with other ingredients (Neta [寿司ネタ]), such as raw fish or other seafood. 

Nowadays, we can find sushi restaurants almost everywhere, especially at malls. Because of that every restaurants are trying their best to give something different from the others.

Let's take a look at the sushi restaurant named Sushi Bar. Located at the 2nd floor of FX LifestyleSushi Bar will give you the unique concept and environment. Similar with their first outlet at Kuningan City, Sushi Bar designed their counter as open as possible. Indeed, this place is not too big. They only have 2 rows of bar tables; one of them is right in the front of the kitchen.

Just like its name, Sushi Bar use tall table and chairs that has the same high as bar standards. Sushi Bar thought that there is nothing that to be hides for. In fact, watching the sushi chefs prepare the dishes is one of the attractions that Sushi Bar served.

They decorate their venue with wooden elements. Japanese trinkets was put to jeweled the place, so we can feel the Japanese atmosphere.

For your information, Sushi Bar is owned and managed by Dian K. Catur. She thought, "The better person is the person can give more benefits to others". That is why she had a dream to have her owned culinary business, not just a matter having a business, but also to give job opportunity and having more in hand to help others who are unfortunate.

Dian got help from Chef Yahya Muhajar as the Sushi Bar's Executive Chef. Most of his career is exploring the Japanese food, with his 12 years of experience, Chef Yahya mastered how to prepare and serve sushi and sashimi.

For one that I know, Sushi Bar is serving their unique fusion sushi roll. Well, lets dig it!

Salmon Skin Fried IDR 27,000
Deep Fried Salmon Skin served with Spicy Sauce.

For the appetizer, i recommend you to try Salmon Skin Fried. Even though the dish looks so simple, but you will find that this appetizer is very addicting. The crisp savory salmon combined with the heat from the spicy sauce really taste delicious.

Volcano Scallop IDR 29,000
Scallop served with Volcano Sauce. 

Luckily, I can see the preparation of this dish. The scallop was blowtorched first before the chef poured the volcano sauce. And then, to caramelized the dish, he burn it again with the blowtorch. Don't be surprised, just like its name, the volcano sauce from Sushi Bar have a savory and hot taste.

The heat from the volcano sauce is very fit for the scallop. But the most indulging things on this dish is the texture. The soft scallops combined with the moist of the sauce is really breath taking.

Tori Cordon Bleu IDR 25,000
Chicken Leg, Smoked Beef, Melted Cheese, served with Volcano Sauce. 

Sushi Bar doesn't stop to innovate their menus. They have successfully combines chicken and cheese with their volcano sauce. This cute and adorable dish is quite unique and delicious. I really admire their creativities.

Salmon Roll IDR 29,000
Baked Salmon Salad, Crunchy, Cucumber, topped with Torched Yellowfin Tuna, Green Cod Roe sauce & Shredded Skip Jack Fish.

First I thought that the green stuff on the top is avocado, but it was actually the green cod roe sauce. The taste? It is enchanting! This dish has a lot of textures, scents and flavors, definitely will indulge your mouth with its deliciousness.

Shibuya Roll IDR 29,000
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Shredded Cheese, topped with Yellow Fin Tuna, Avocado, served with Volcano & Cod Roe Sauce. 

This Sushi roll is really eye catching. They put shredded cheese on the top of this sushi roll. I kind a sceptical when I saw this dish for the first time, but when I eat it, it taste really good. The crab, tuna, avocado, and the cheese was combined perfectly with the volcano sauce. Indeed this sushi roll is one of the "must try" list when you are visiting Sushi Bar.

Tuna Cheese Fried IDR 25,000
Deep Fried Yellow Fin Tuna & Melted Cheese. 

This deep fried sushi roll has cheese inside, so when we eat it, you will find the cheese was melting on your mouth. Combined perfectly with the tuna and sour rice, it will melt your heart.

Black Volcano Maki IDR 23,000
Fried Squid, Crunchy, breaded with Black Tobikko, topped with Volcano Sauce.

Different from the other sushi roll, this black volcano maki use fried squid as their neta. The squid was rolled with rice and nori, and topped with volcano sauce and black tobiko, makes this dish taste deliciously pampering.

Spicy Tekka Maki IDR 21,000
Boiled Yellow Fin Tuna, Mayonnaise, torched with Volcano Sauce. 

Do not underestimate these cute little things from Sushi Bar. It may looks cute and adorable, but you might be surprised when you eat this dish. The heat from the volcano sauce is really refreshing! I barely eat spicy food, but for this dish I will eat a lot..

Salmon Kastengel Roll IDR 39,000
Fresh Norwegian Salmon, topped with Baked Cheese.

Actually, this is my first time to eat sushi that has cheese on it. Kind a surprised when I see this menu, it was covered with cheese abundantly. Sushi Bar successfully amazed me with their creativities and outstanding menus. The sourness from the rice, the freshness from the salmon, and the savory from the cheese combined beautifully and will bring a delicious simphony on your mouth.

Oshi Scallop IDR 20,000
Scallop, Avocado torched with Cod Roe Sauce. 

When I see the shape of this dish, it reminds me about a finger snacks that often to be called as hors d'oeuvre. Actually, hors d'oeuvre is a food that can be eaten in one bite. With the rectangular prism shape, this dish looks very classy and beautiful. The scallops and the avocado were really delicious when it combined with the volcano sauce from Sushi Bar.

Maguro Burger IDR 24,000
Sushi Rice with Tuna Patties Katsu, Nori/Tomato, Cucumber & Onion. Served with Mayonnaise & Volcano Sauce.

Well, allow me to introduce you with Sushi Bar's Sushi Burger; sushi rice served with katsu or patties style. We ordered the maguro burger. The sumeshi was formed just like the bun on burgers, the patty made from the deep fried maguro (tuna). Nori, cucumber, onion, mayo and their volcano sauce was given to add the textures and flavors. Overall, it is quite fun to eat a different kind of sushi presentation, and for the taste, it was superb!

Tempura Ice Cream IDR 21,000
Deep Fried Ogura Ice Cream, Bread, Dry Seaweed. 

This is the most recommended dessert in Sushi Bar. This deep-fried frozen ogura ice cream covered with bread and battered nori is really delicious. Sushi Bar indeed very innovative to bring us the most beautiful and delicious dish. Every dish that they serve will make you scream for more.

Overall, Sushi Bar has indulged me, my mouth and my stomach. With their different presentation of fusion sushi and environment will bring excitement to your table. Feel the experience and wonderful moments that Sushi Bar served.

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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