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10/18/2013 Soya Yanagawa 20 Comments

Sometimes, someone asked my reference for Food Bloggers in Jakarta. That is why I post this page with hope it can be useful. Oh, I will frequently update this page, and see all the blogs whether it still active less than 3 months or not.

Well, for the starter I will show you my small group of Food Blogger in Jakarta, we called our self as SkinnyMini... And please, don't ask why we're not skinny nor mini...

This multitalented young man, Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto is the treated author of "Eat and Treats" and he has been dishing, documenting and publicly published his love for food since October 2012. His love for food and photography brought him to the social blogging scene up until now. 

For young and supple gal named Aline Chandra Rusdiana, eating is not just a primary needs but has become its own little ritual to enjoy life. By eating, she learned more about food, from the taste, textures, aroma, ingredients, the process through the presentation. Aline often to amazed us with her beautifully written and informative articles. 

This fun and energetic woman named Octa Thursina really love to eat, travel, and try something new. We can feel her passion while we reading her articles. She capable to package her blog with a friendly and informative way.

Yenny Widjaja is an easy going and fun-to-be-with person who love to write her experience with her own style of writings. She often to amazed us with her capability to story tells us with pictures and cheerful writings.

And now, this is the list of Indonesian food bloggers in Jakarta who often to write amazing reviews and experiences.  

by anak jajan

by Lenny Widjaja

by Jessica Christy Limanjaya

by Jessica Charlote

by Sheilla Meriska

by Ellyna Tjohnardi

by natasha Pricilia

by Shelmi Setiawan

by Aris Munandar

by Mel Budiman

by Daisy

by Rayns Raymond

by Lidya Rachma

by Rian Farisa

by Catherine Kosasih

by Tikka

by Cend Wo

by Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

by Irene

by Angelina Yuliana

Mood 4 Food

by Nathan Jesse Tolib

by Mullie

by Cindy

by Selba

by Gabriella Harianto

by Dewi Subrata

by Lauren Trifonia

by Yulian Suwandri

by Umi Fadilah W. Syam

by posh eater & chic eater

by Fellexandro Ruby

by Natasha V.L.

The list is based on alphabetical order and will be frequently updated. 
All listed blogs are still active less than 3 months ago

Have a great day and Godspeed.

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  1. appreciate it.. thanksssssssss..

  2. Hi Soya, thanks for the link. Enjoyed browsing through your posts, great work!
    Salam kenal ya :)

  3. Salam krnal juga irene :) makasi sudah mampir kemari... Dan yenny... You are very welcome!!

  4. thankyou Soya! did not expect to find my blog when I did read this post! :D

    1. You are very welcome Jesica... I really enjoy your blog! Have a great day ;)

  5. WOW!! thanks Soya for counting me in :)

    - Lidya Rachma/Gadisrakus-

    1. you are very welcome Lidya.... sayang sekali pas di Intercontinental kita gak ketemuan yah.... :( maybe next time... Terus berkarya Lidya!

  6. Hi Soya... salam kenal ya. I always love your shots on ig. Now that I found your blog, it even impress me more. I link yours to mine yah :)

    Thank you so much for including ivy's life on the post. :)

    1. Waaa makasih Ivy....

      I'll put your blog to my blogroll too dear.. Keep blogging! ;)

  7. Neatly compiled! Thanks bro! :)

  8. Hey Soya,

    Thank you for including my blog on the list.


  9. Hi Soya, nice to know you!
    Thanks for including my blog in your list, really appreciate it :)
    I love your photos and writings, I spent so much time just to read your posts, mind if I link you?


    1. Hi Daisy,

      Thank you very much to stop by at soyavsfood.
      You do have a wonderful blog Daisy, and I am so grateful to knowing you.

      Have a great day and keep blogging Daisy.


    2. Hi Soya, thank you, I added your link already, hope you don't mind :)

  10. ♫ Du bi du bi dam dam... ♫ du bi du bi dam dam... ♫ Eh... ada blog gw!!! hehehe.... :P

    1. Yo'i dong bu..... udah cukup lama kok aku masukkin yang aktif2 :D

      Senang akhirnya bisa berjumpa dengan Selba :D

  11. Hello soyaa. Nice to know you! Regards #eatandstructure :)

  12. Mampir ke layout baru ^0^
    Oia soya, sekarang blogku ganti nama jadi domain kemaren ilang hiks >0<