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You might already know about my review at Ikuze Japanese Food Bazar - Lippo Mall Kemang last August. Well, luckily me and my friends (Aline, Hans, Octa and Yenny) have got another invitation from Omar Djorghi to go there and try their newest menus. Too bad Octa got a little accident that makes her unable to join us.

Ikuze Japanese Food Bazar (Ikuze) was located at the Upper Ground Floor Lippo Mall Kemang or Kemang Village. Because of their strategic location, delicious food and beverages, wonderful hospitality makes Ikuze quite full on weekends. That is why Omar invited us on weekdays, so we can freely to take pictures. 

If you read my review about Ikuze, you will find that it has a gorgeous environment and beautifully decorated. I forgot to tell you back then, Ikuze have a bar! They serve a diverse kind of alcoholic beverages from beer to sake. The bar was decorated with "Kanpai" neon light and liquor bottles. The bar stools was made artistically to adjust Ikuze's decoration.

Well, enough with the liquor stuff. As I said it before, to enliven the October, Ikuze serves a wide range of new menus that ready to pamper their guests. The most interesting parts that Ikuze had is their open kitchen. So we can see it their preparation to make the dishes.

Because of Ikuze's open kitchen, we can see their cleanliness and tidiness. As we can see, they were successfully organize and keep it clean. To be honest, I am really amazed when I saw Ikuze's Executive Cheff, Tri Budianto preparing the dishes. Well, here is their newest menus:

Sushi Tier IDR 245,000

Inspired from high tea set, Ikuze want to give a different presentation for Sushi & Sashimi Moriawase. I highly admired Ikuze's seriousness to make this sushi tier set. They ordered a special container and sushi so the customer can have a wonderful sensation to enjoying this meal.

This Sushi Tier was composed of 3 level delicious looking sushi and sashimi. But not just for an eye candy, the sushi and sashimi is so fresh and delicious! On the first level, you can find Shake (Salmon) and Maguro (Tuna) sashimi. Completed with wasabi, beni shoga and lemon.garnished with white carrot and leaves makes the first layer of Sushi Tier is really tempting.

On the second level, you will find unique shape of nigiri sushi (Shake, Maguro, Taro and Fried Shake) and gunkan (Spicy Inari and Mango Mayo). The unique shape of its sushi is very eye catching. On this level, Ikuze already combines traditional sushi with some fusion sushi. You have to try the mango mayo! You will find new flavor of sushi and it was refreshingly delicious.

On the third level, you will find all kind of fusion sushi roll. There are crazy crab shake roll, Chef Tri's Fushion Roll, Mango Shake Roll and Beef Salad Roll. On this level, your tongue will be indulged with the richness texture and flavor from each sushi rolls. The one with the orange on its top is shockingly delicious. Too bad I have to share it with my friends... I think, I will be back to Ikuze just to indulge myself with the sushi tier... and I won't share it with my friends.

Premium Bento IDR 240,000

OK, after the Ramadhan Bento, Ikuze will not stop to pampering us with their delicious set menu. On this set menu, you will have complete meals from appetizers through desserts. Let us started with their fresh salad. Ikuze’s salad served with their refreshing dressing. Made from the freshest ingredients, makes this salad taste really delicious.

The next one is their salmon belly soup. This savory soup will melt your heart. Fresh carrot and lettuce, mushroom, konyaku and salmon belly were inserted into their thick and savory broth. I really love it!

They also serve soft shell crab tempura, chicken teriyaki sushi, salmon and tuna sashimi. The freshness from their sashimi, crunchiness from the tempura and deliciousness from teriyaki sushi really makes your tongue scream for more.

Now, let us taste their wagyu steak. Ikuze’s wagyu steak is really tender and juicy, completed with marvelous dressing makes the steak is really the champion in this dish. Ikuze also give us a bowl of rice that will fill your stomach to the fullest.

Last, the dessert that Ikuze serve is fresh strawberries and jelly. Ikuze indeed kind enough to pampered us to the fullest.

Yakitori Moriawase IDR 240,000

On this menu, you will be indulged to the fullest with Ikuze’s set of yakitori. You can find ebi (shrimp), mixed mushroom, ika (squid), beef, gindara, niniku (garlic), Chicken, and chicken skin in a skewer and gyutang (beef tongue). All of the yakitori was grilled with Ikuze’s special sauce.

For all those yakitori, niniku and the gyutang is my favorite. The garlic tasted so sweet and delicious! The gyutang is so tender and juicy. It really makes my heart soar when I tasted them all!

Nutella Crepes IDR 35,000

Last, Ikuze gives us their dessert of the month. It was Nutella Crepes! The soft and delicious crepe was topped with slices of strawberry, nutella paste and sugar. This will make your mouth drooling so much, just by looking at it.

The taste was wonderful and the texture is really rich. This crepe is the perfect desserts to closed the feast.

Matcha Latte IDR 35,000

It is quite surprising. Ikuze serve us with their matcha latte with a beautiful latte art of leafs shown on its top. I really like the taste. Usually green tea latte is known as their overly sweet taste. But the matcha latte from Ikuze is not very sweet. It taste so great and you will scream for more.

For all the green tea latte, you have to try Ikuze’s matcha latte. The bitterness of matcha combined perfectly with their soft and sweet cream.

Coffee Latte IDR 30,000

Well, I often to restrict myself by only drink 2 cups of coffee a day. But when I hear that Ikuze serves coffee latte, I couldn't handle myself not to taste it. With 3D kitten picture latte art on the top, the coffee latte looks very delicious. The mixture of coffee, milk and cream will makes your day become brighter. It was perfect to boost up your energy and indulge your day.

Overall, Ikuze never bored me with their food and beverages. They will indulge you to the fullest, and that is not a lie. Well, that's it for today. Have a great day and Godspeed!

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Kemang – Jakarta

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