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Better CHOCOlate than Never - Senopati

10/31/2013 Soya Yanagawa 2 Comments

I really like Senopati area, you can find almost any kind of restaurant there. From Local to International restaurant and from a fine dining to a casual coffee shop, you can find it here.

Well, right now I want to take you to a humble cake shop / coffee shop named Better Chocolate Than Never. I have heard about this place from my friend, he said that on "Better Chocolate Than Never" you will find the most delicious black forest cake. That is why, i am so curious about his statement.

Just like I said, Better Chocolate Than Never is a humble place with a humble looks. Indeed, the place is not spatial; It has a minimalist decor and calming atmosphere. But Better Chocolate Than Never succeeds to make their place homey. With easy listening songs that played nonstop will make you comfortable to linger here.

Just like its name, Better Chocolate Than Never serve you a lot of kind of dessert that made from chocolate. You can find a Chocolate truffle, homemade ice cream, cupcakes and also chocolate cakes. If you want to enjoy your dessert on spot, Better Chocolate Than Never also serve you a diverse kind of beverages like coffee and tea.

There are 4 kinds of chocolate cake that Better Chocolate Than Never serve. There are: Classic Dark Chocolate Cake, Baby Black Forest Cake, Baby Hazelnut Fudge and Chocolate Layers Cake (you have to order it minimum two days before).

Even though the decoration looks very humble, but when you look into their counter, you will be amazed with the cuteness and mouth drooling display. 

Baby Hazelnut Fudge IDR 34,000

Well.... actually, I kind a disappointed when I see its size. how can I say it.. ITS TOO SMALL!!

But when I ate it, it was very chocolaty. The texture is dense and heavy. Crisp from the hazelnut and moist from the chocolate frosting, collaborate perfectly on your mouth. A joyful symphony fills the air when you take the first bite.

Now I know why Better Chocolate Than Never serve this Hazelnut Fudge is not so big. It has a depth of deliciousness and rich flavours. Because its denseness, the portion is perfect. 

Baby Walnut Biscuit Fudge Cake IDR 34,000

The difference between Baby hazelnut and walnut is the fragrant. You can smell the wonderful scent and rough texture from the walnut. But just like the baby hazelnut, it has dense and thick body. So, do not judge from its size, but judge it from the sensation when you took the first bite.

Baby Chocolate Layer Cake IDR 32,000

This 8 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate fudge in between looks so beautiful and mouth drooling. When I saw this cake I am amazed with the beautiful layers that this cake have. This is what I called triple threat... It has a beautiful presentation, delicious taste and wonderful texture. Salute!

Baby Black Forest Cake IDR 34,000

Well, this is it... It is time to verify my friend's valuation. This Black forest cake is so different from the black forest that we often see. Better Chocolate Than Never didn't cover the cake with Chocolate grated. In fact, they covered this cake with chocolate frosting.

I really like its texture, so moist and creamy. The cream is not overwhelming, it taste delicious and you will crave for more. You can also taste the rum, it is medium strong but not overpowering the cake. But for me, a little more of rum will be much better.

Well, hardly to say... I agreed with my friend. This is the best black forest so far. Nowadays black forest is less popular compared with other desserts (Such as Red Velvet and Rainbow Cake). But actually, I still love this cake. It is delicious, pampering and very nostalgic.

Ice Chocolate IDR 34,000

Because of the Jakarta's heat, I really need something cold. That is why I choose to drink this Ice Chocolate. Even though it was served cold with ice cubes, the texture of this drink is still thick. It really melts my heart when I drink it. I really love the bittersweet taste from the chocolate and milk.

Ice Lychee Tea IDR 28,000

My friend, Yenny ordered this thirst-quenching drink. I dont know why.... But everything that came from Better Late Than Chocolate looks so humble yet delicious. Yenny won't share this drink with me... I wonder why....

Chocolate Truffles IDR 12,000 / pcs, IDR 55,000 / 5 pcs, IDR 148,000 / 16 pcs

Oh, I also bought the chocolate truffle from Better Chocolate Than Never, there were Dark Chocolate, Oreo Chocolate, Malt Whisky, and Green Tea. One thing for sure, you have to try their malt whiskey! 

Well, I am really happy that I came to this place. It is really indulging.. I will come here more often for sure. (I don't care if I am getting fat.... well, Chubby is trend now..)

Have a great day and Godspeed.

Jl. Senopati No. 41
Jakarta Selatan 12190

T. +62 21 573 1457 

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  1. next time we should try the other chocoLATE :)

  2. Yes, I have to admit ini enak. Usually reivews suka di sugar coating tp ini Good haha :)