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Last 4 September, me and my friends went to Kota Kasablanka to taste something sweets from Scoop Bar. The venue was located at Scoop Bar counter at Kota Kasablanka's Lower Ground. 

What is Scoop Bar?
Scoop Bar is a recently launched snack and dessert retail brand owned by PT. METE. Founded by 4 person ( Ronald, Jaclyn, Sabrina & Edward) who love culinary especially desserts, they decided to deliver a unique presentation how to eat ice cream.

Their concept is that the customer can experienced to customized their own dessert. They can combine 2 cookies with 1 scoop of ice cream that served looks like a sandwich.

Why Scoop Bar?
They said, everything that they were serving their dish with a scoop. They use scoop to serve ice cream and measure a portion their cookie dough. They also use "bar" as their interior design. Bars provide stools or chairs that are placed at tables or counters for their patrons.

Indeed Scoop Bar's space is not very huge, but their cleverness to organize the space makes the outlet looks cheerful and fun. They are using black and white as their main color and beautiful illustration for their counter.

Scoop Bar's build-your-own (BYO) Ice Cream Sandwich concept is fully customizable. Yes, with IDR 30,000 you can built your own dessert!

To build your own ice cream sandwich you just need to follow the 3 simple steps:

1. Choose your cookies
You just need to choose 1 or 2 kind of cookies that you desire for the top and the bottom.
Scoop Bar serve you a diverse kind of cookies that freshly baked from their kitchen. There are:
- Daily Cookies: Candy, Chocolate Chip, Matcha, Smores, Peanut Butter
- Special Cookies: Funfetti, Oreo, Almost Red Velvet
- Waffle: Original

But they also do a promotional cookies every month, and for the September, they give the spotlight to:
Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter & Jam, Penutastic, Nutella, Choco banana, and Kaya

Scoop Bar's cookie have a very diverse and unique taste. The textures are also diverse, for some cookies, the texture is dry and crunchy; but some cookies, they are soft and moist. They do that because some of the customer loves the dry one but the other love the soft one. So, to make every customer happy, they serve them with not only a variety of color, flavor but also textures.

2. Choose your ice cream
Next you choose what flavor of ice cream that you like to put between the cookies. They also serve you with a lot of wonderful homemade ice cream, which are: BananaFrambozen, vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Matcha, Rhum Raisin, Java Chip, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry

3. pick up your order
Scoop Bar will serve your own mix and match dessert.

This is my customized sandwich:

Chocolate Chips Cookie on top, Almost Red Velvet on the bottom and Banana Ice Cream in between. 

I really like the presentation. The red from the Almost Red Velvet, The green from the Banana Ice cream and the brown from the Chocolate Chips Cookie makes the ice Cream Sandwich very colorful. The combination from this dish is very unique and delicious.

The textures are very rich! that makes my dish taste more fun and delicious!

By the way, if you doubt about the combination that you want to choose, Scoop Bar has already made their suggestion for the combination that will indulge your tongue. 

The Classic
Chocolate Chips Cookies with vanilla Ice Cream

I really think that Scoop Bar is really genius to named this combination as the classic. Using the legendary chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream, the taste is really phenomenal. So down to earth, calm, nostalgic but really makes you want for more.

The Gentlemen's Breakfast
Waffles with Mocha Ice Cream

When I look at the presentation, it looks beautiful. At first, I think the waffles is a little bit too tough. But when we bite the gentlemen's breakfast and chew it, the waffle become moist and softer. Feel the mocha sensation when you put it on your mouth.

The Green Experiment
Matcha Cookies with Banana Ice Cream

It turns out, Matcha and banana blends really well. The beautiful green color from matcha and the banana ice cream really makes your mouth watering. 

Its Dalmatian
Oreo Cookies with Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream

Oreo Crumbs on the cookie really makes this cookie have a wonderful bittersweet taste. Combined with the Cookies n' Cream makes the taste become more wonderful and cannot be ignored.

Very Fun Stuff
Funfetti Cookies with Strawberry Ice Cream

If you like sweets, perhaps, the very fun stuff is the perfect choice for you. Taste a very fun party on your mouth when you bite this ice cream sandwich.

But the most important thing is, you can built your own dessert. Well for a sneak peak, you can look at the combinations below:

S'mores - Java Chip - Almost Red Velvet

Matcha - Banana - Funfetti

S'mores - Mocha - Oreo

Scoop Bar also serve us with their 3 signature floats:

Royal Blush
Fanta with vanilla scoop

7th Heaven
Sprite with Frambozen scoop

Brown Spider
Sarsapilla with chocolate Scoop

Well, to tell you the truth, their looks is not very attractive. When you put an ice cream to soda you will get a lot of spume out of the drink. For the taste, its just like a soft drink with a scoop of ice cream. I hope they are thinking about making milkshakes with their homemade ice cream, that would be wonderful!

One of the founder, S'mores Cookies Lover

Oh I almost forgot, you can have 1 bag of 5 cookies only for IDR 35,000. Get 3 Bags only for IDR 100,000.

Well, For those who want to taste the wonderful experience to build your own dessert, Scoop Bar is the right place to visit.

Mall Kota Kasablanka LG Fl. No. 28

T. +62 21 2948 8758
FB: Scoop Bar
Twitter: @ScoopBarID

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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