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Nearly every day I pass this place, and I finally set my foot at Pipiltin Cocoa, Jl. Barito. For you who doesn't know about Pipiltin Cocoa, you should visit their website at www.pipiltincocoa.com. The photos and the concept of this cake shop immediately tempted me. Then, instead of come alone, I asked my foodblogger friends to come along. They were Yenny W.Octa ThursinaAline Chandra dan Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto.

To get to this place is not very difficult. If you are from Blok M Plaza, you just go straight to Jl. Panglima Polim. At the first traffic light, go right and Pipiltin Cocoa is on your left.

A 3-storey building standing strong on Jl. Barito. With grey painted walls this building looks so tough and strong. On the first floor, Pipiltin Cocoa put the spacious room for their kitchen. Just by using glass as their divider, we can see its cleanliness and how they prepare their dish. Just like what their website said, they are making the dish from scratch. They baked, grind and cooked their chocolate here.

For guests who want to dine here, they can go straight to the second floor. Pipiltin Cocoa use grey painted walls, so it makes the environment looks a little stiff. But they successfully make it pleasant and warm by putting their posters and decoration.

The tables and chairs that Pipiltin Cocoa used are quite diverse. Even though they are using the different kinds of seat and table, it was fused with the fun and relaxing environment.

The dining area in Pipiltin Cocoa is divided into 2 areas. Special area for those who smoke are separated with special door and glass walls. So the smoke will not bother for those who do not smoke.

There are 8 steps for Pipiltin Cocoa to processed their chocolate. You can find it on their  web, or you can read it on the huge poster that placed on the wall right beside their stairs. 

Pipiltin Cocoa use the asymmetrical shapes that resemble their unique logo for the stairs handle. Apparently, using earth tones and metallic as the interior, makes their dish served more striking. Without a longer length, let's see what kind of dish that Pipiltin Coca serve?

Italian Soda - Mango IDR 28,000

This Italian Soda is made from soda water mixed with mango syrup. The uniqueness of Pipiltin Cocoa, they incorporate sweet basil seeds into this drink, thus providing diversity of textures. However, the mango syrup is less tasted. It's quite refreshing, but it seems to be a bit bland and less sweet.

Ice Lychee Tea IDR 29,000

The Ice Lychee Tea from Pipiltin Cocoa has a refreshing aroma of lychees. Pipiltin Cocoa put the sweet basil seeds and lychee that has been cut into pieces. It taste is really refreshing and have a very seductive fragrance. However, the lychee pieces aren't too many.

Dark & White Chocolate IDR 36,000

This dark & White chocolate is quite amusing. The combination of dark chocolate and milk, gives a rich flavor and seductive taste. Distinctive chocolate flavor and sweetness that fits with my taste, makes this drink become my favorite beverage when I come to this place.

Chocolate Forever IDR 25,000 / slice

Enough with the drinks, lets get to the business. The first dish that served on our table is a slice of Chocolate Forever cake. This chocolate cake have a chocolate sponge as its base, stacked with layers of crunchy sempronge, Aceh 60% Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Cream brulle, and topped with dark chocolate glacage made this slice of cakes taste very delicious. But Pipiltin Cocoa won't stop indulging us with their treats. They put Peanut Butter Chocolate Soil, Chocolate Cremeux, and Chocolate branch as their topping and garnish. As you can see, the appearance is beautifully sophisticated. 

For Chocolate lover, this cake is a "must try" when you came into Pipiltin Cocoa. You will be indulged with their luxurious chocolate taste and lulled by their diverse texture.

Egg No IDR 47,000

White Chocolate Pana Cotta was placed in the center of the plate. The Chocolate Chili Soil was spread surround the pana cotta and the passion fluid was placed artistically on the plate. Cotton candy and sweet basil seeds was also added to make this dish become more elegant. 

The softness of pana cotta, roughness of Chocolate Chili Soil and the uniqueness texture of cotton candy makes this dish have a rich texture. But not only that, the taste is also very rich. Sweet, sour and bitter blend into one symphony that you cannot forget. Pipiltin Cocoa give me surprise when i ate the pana cotta, there is mango syrup inside! That mango syrup completes my day.

Tabanan Chocolate 64% IDR 50,000

Why Tabanan Chocolate 64%? It is because the dish was made from 64% Tabanan's dark chocolate. For your info, Indonesia is the third country that produces Cocoa the most in the world. Tabanan, Bali is one of the areas that were famous with its Chocolate Plantation.

Mousse, Spiced cremeux, chocolate caviar, and dehydrated chocolate mousse was placed beautifully artistic on the plate. This Tabanan Chocolate 64% is one of the most interesting appearance dish in Pipiltin Cocoa. This may be just a matter of taste, but i don't really find the special taste on this dish. The chocolate caviar is blend, and i don't really like the liquity things on the side. 

Double Chocolate Brownie IDR 45,000

This Chocolate Brownie is topped with chocolate lace, peanut caramel, and Vanilla ice cream. I really like the brownies. The texture is soft and moist, it melts in your mouth. The taste is also superb. the bitterness of the chocolate and the sweetness from the vanilla ice cream makes your tongue dancing with joy! 

Freeze IDR 45,000

This was my most favorite dish in Pipiltin Cocoa. It was made from 3 kind of frozen macarons, which are Chocolate, Strawberry and Tonka. The texture was smooth and melts in your mouth, and the flavor was very rich and delicious. The most interesting part is the Tonka one, it taste a little bit vanilla-ish and honey-ish. If you combine the three of it, you will find that this dish is really delicious and very addicting.

Served with Chocolate sorbet and rice crispy makes the textures become rich and makes the dish is hard to resist.

Ebony Ivory IDR 47,000

This Ebony Ivory has a very unique presentation. The concept of this dish was the combination between yin and yang. The yin was made from chocolate mousse and dark cherry; the yang one is the vanilla mousse. But too bad, the beautiful concept does not equally the same with its taste. It has a weird and smoky sensation; I cannot taste the chocolate and dark cherry flavor. Overall, I just can say that I’m not the biggest fan of this dish.

Well, Pipiltin Cocoa has a very diverse dish of chocolate that ready for you to order. Hopefully this review can be very helpful for you who want to try Pipiltin Cocoa.

Jl. Barito No. 2
Jakarta Selatan 12160

T. +62 21 728 00011
Facebook: Pipiltin Cocoa
Twitter: @pipiltincocoa

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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