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You cannot imagine the excitement when I knew that Marugame Udon is now open in Gandaria City. Rumor said that Marugame Udon is the best Udon in Jakarta. 

Marugame Udon opened their first outlet at Taman Angrek in the early 2013. Because of their delicious dishes and unique environment, makes this restaurant became famous in a blink of an eye. Too bad, I rarely go to Taman Anggrek. So I haven't got the opportunity to taste their authentic udon. That is why I am so excited when I hear that Marugame Udon was opened in Gandaria City.

Strategically located at the Upper Ground Floor, right in the center of gandaria City’s Mainstreet Dining area, makes Marugame Udon can easily found. 

Marugame Udon is really eye catching. Their outlet is huge and their dining area was very spacious. They already knew that there will be a lot of enthusiast visitors who want to try their authentic udon. That is why they already cope it by providing the guests with a huge dining area.

Their decoration was dominated with wooden element, that makes Marugame Udon become more earthy and homely. To completes the homey environment, Marugame Udon puts photo frames and wooden trinkets on their shelves. Not only that, Marugame Udon also want their guests to feel the Japanese atmosphere, so they put Kanji and Hiragana writings spread all over the place.

Marugame Udon’s Counter is so lively and full of spirits. They have a huge counter, where you can choose your dish. Behind that counter, you can see the bustle of chefs preparing the dish. For your information, all of the ingredients they use were made on spot.

Quality is number 1 in Marugame Udon. For your info, if they already boiled the noodles over than 15 minutes, they will not serve it to us. Same goes to the tempura dishes, if they found the tempura is not fresh or already too long at the counter (20 minutes), they will pull it back and change it with the new one. That is why we can only have the best quality of udon and tempura at Marugame udon.

Marugame Udon has a Semi Self Service concept, To order, you have to go to the queuing line. You can choose what kind of food that you wanted, and for the tempura dish, you can take it by yourself. You can choose Ocha for your drinks. Not to worry, Marugame Udon provide free refill. So you can drink as much as you can drink at Marugame Udon.

OK, lets talk about their dishes!
Just like its name, Marugame Udon is a restaurant that provide Udon and Tempura as their specialities. But they also serve us rice menus.

Kake Udon IDR 33,000

The homemade udon was poured with a kake dashi soup, a clear broth mixed with shoyu and mirin. Despite the clear soup, it is quite savory and delicious. The mixture of shoyu and mirin gives a distinctive flavor to the dish. Although the presentation looks simple, the taste is very complex and seductive. Coupled with the unique and chewy texture from the udon, this food is really hard to resist.

Niku Udon IDR 45,000

Niku Udon using the same soup like Kake Udon. Kake dashi soup was poured into the bowl and added with the tender sukiyaki beef. The beef complete the dish. It added the sweet flavor into the dish and makes Niku Udon is obviously delicious. Topped with chopped chives makes the fragrance is something that makes mouth drooling.

Tori Baitang Udon IDR 45,000

The thick and savory broth from tori baitang udong, is something that you cannot ignore. The chicken meatballs are superb! The savory from the soup and sweet from the meatballs makes this dish have a wonderful taste in my mouth.

Beef Curry Udon IDR 50,000

Udon with Japanese Curry as it soup. What a great combination! The curry have a strong fragrance and bold taste, combined with sweet sukiyaki beef makes this dish is one of my favorite. They add Tempura crumbs at the top of the dish so it makes the texture is very rich. Taste the wonderful sensation when the thick curry mixed with the crunchy crumbs and chewy udon, it will make your heart full of joy.

Mentai Kamatama Udon IDR 50,000

This is the most unique udon menu that Marugame Udon serve. When every udon menus using soup to add their taste, mentai kamatama didn't use any soup or broth. Mentai Kamatama Udon consist soft boiled egg, chili tobiko and nori. To eat this menu, you have to stir it all first. The yolk makes all ingredients attached to the udon. The taste is quite unique but tasty! This is my favorite dish at Marugame Udon.

Marugame Udon serve you diverse deep fried tempura. Not just the ordinary tempuras, they also serve unique tempuras such as broccoli tempura, Egg Tempura, Chicken Chili Tempura and many more. The picture above is kisu tempura and broccoli Tempura. As i said before, Marugame keeps their quality to stay fresh. That is why the tempura crumbs is very crunchy and it taste fresh and delicious.

Marugame Udon is the place that i will be often to visit for sure. So far, their authentic udon is unprecedented!

Gandaria City Mall, UG Fl
Mainstreet Dining Area
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan

Twitter: @MarugameUdonID

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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