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I don’t know about you guys… But for me, the first thing that pops into my head when I hear about macaroni is Macaroni House

Located at Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan, makes Macaroni House strategically and easily found. With their orange façade, the building is very eye-catching and cannot be missed. The owner, “C” starts her business by online macaroni business. But now she gain her confidence by opened her first store at Puri Indah Area. 

It was begun with her intention to make macaroni for her children; because of her love to cooking she determined to make a business by cooking. She started her online shopping and by delivery only, but now she wants to put herself into a higher stage by opening her own store. 

If you went inside the building, you will be amazed with the cuteness environment and cheerful atmosphere that Macaroni House have. The theme of the decoration is a playhouse. Yes, it is very fun and entertains to just look at their decorations!

For those who bring their children, let them play inside the playhouse right in the corner of the Macaroni House. While the children can play by themself, you can enjoy the delightful dish and the cheerful atmosphere.

Macaroni House from C's Kitchen serve you a diverse dish. From appetizer to desserts, "C" has done a wonderful job to indulge our tongue. The most awesome things are "C" has successfully collaborate Western dish with Indonesian taste. Without any further chitchat, let us review her dish:

Potato Oh Potato (POP) - Opor Baked Potato 6 pcs IDR100,000

One of C's appetizer menus is POP with Opor sensation. For those who didn't know about opor, it is Javanese dish that use "santan" or Coconut Milk as their main ingredient. "C" beautifully combined the dish and makes it very tasty and makes your tongue scream for more. The textures are very rich and the taste was brilliant. The perfectly baked potato combined with the creamy coconut milk and sweetness of diced chicken, make this dish is a "must try" when you came into Macaroni House.

Vesuvius Fries IDR 35,000

I am not sure why "C" use Vesuvius to named her French Fries. Maybe because vesuvius is a stratovolcano in the Gulf of Naples, it is one of several volcanoes, which form the Campanian volcanic arc. That is why the french fries have a beautiful looks but have a spicy flavor beneath the melting cheese.

The french fries was beautifully fried so the golden yellow color is so tempting. The melting cheeses also looks adorable and make us want to eat it as soon as it put on your table. But remember, there is "hotness" beneath the melting cheese.

Mushroom Soup IDR 20,000

For those who loved mushroom, this is the perfect dish for your appetizer. It was presented beautifully, and taste very delicious. The thickness of this soup is really mouth drooling and the aroma is very appetizing. Served with crackers on the side, makes the eating becomes merrier.

Beef Bacon Potato Soup IDR 25,000

Taste the smoothness and tasteful of this creamy soup. The savory from the beef bacon combined with the creamy soup makes the dish become very delicious and melts your heart.

Spaghetti Rendang Bolognese IDR 38,000

I already posted the 50 most delicious food in the world on my blog, and you know what? Rendang is the "numero uno" for the most delicious food in 2011. That is why i want to praise "C" for her dish that use rendang spices for the dressing. The dish is quite hot because the spices, but it blend perfectly with the spaghetti. This is also one of the "must try" dishes when you go to Macaroni House

Spaghetti Sambal Fish IDR 38,000

Sambal is a Javanese origin loan-word of Indonesian. It is a condiment that has a chili-based sauce. Spaghetti Sambal Fish might not as red as sambal that often to be served on the side of popular dish from indonesia, but it taste quite hot and delicious. 

This dish served with a lot of large cuts of fish. It will pampered your mouth with it taste and textures.

Fettuccine Creamy Woku IDR 38,000

Woku is a Manadonese dish that use turmeric and lemon as their main ingredients. Actually, this is my favorite dish. I really like the freshness sensation and the spicy taste. The tasty turmeric blend perfectly with the fettuccine, and it makes the dish taste very special. It really surprised me, the fact that Indonesian taste is perfectly blend in pastas. What a wonderful breakthrough that "C" has made.

Fettuccine Carbonara IDR 38,000

My favorite dish of pasta is Fettuccine Carbonara, and Macaroni House is very indulging me by serving me with this dish. The creamy fettuccine had lot of sliced sausages, it taste beautifully combined with the creamy sauce and makes my heart melts.

Shroom Chicken IDR 43,000

Do not deceived with its modest appearance. Even though this dish looks so humble, it has a very rich taste. It was the deep fried chicken breast filet with melting cheese on top dipped into the tasty mushroom soup. Well, what can i say.. this dish is irresistible! the creamy soup makes the taste become bolt and perfectly blend the savory cheese and delicious chicken. 

Grandma Mac and Cheese Baked Macaroni IDR 40,000

last but not least, this is the most famous dish that Macaroni House have. The perfectionally cooked macaroni blended in the creamy milk, and topped abundantly with cheese, makes this dish is very mouth watering even if we just look at it. The crunchy baked cheese, the smooth macaroni and the sweet-savory cream make you want to eat the whole pan without sharing with others. What a mesmerizing dish.

Crème Brulee IDR 25,000

you will be surprised with this chocolaty crème brulee. It have a spicy aftertaste in your mouth. The actual name for this crème brule is Mexican Chocolate Crème Brulee. It taste nice but refreshing indeed.

Banana Burn IDR 20,000

This grilled banana that completed with caramel sauce and Vanilla ice cream will indulge your mouth after tasting the spicy food. It looks simple but it is addicting. you will not stop eating until its run out.

Blueberry Crumble IDR 25,000

This blueberry crumble is also very suitable for you, after you have taste the spicy dish. It cools your mouth and indulge your mouth! With beautiful presentation and delicious taste, IDR 25,000 looks very cheap!

Beside Macaroni House foods, they also serve us with unique drinks that makes your day become brighter. There are:

Melon Float IDR 20,000
Made from honeydew juice with vanilla ice cream on top. 

Strawberry Yakult IDR 20,000
The mixture of strawberry and yakult, this beverages is not only delicious, but it also healthy!

Dalmatian Shake IDR 20,000
It looks like Chocolate milkshake, but they put Oreo crumb. Taste delicious, because i am a chocolate lover.

Teh Tarik Float IDR 20,000
Milk tea with mocha ice cream on top? why not!?! It is quite unique but worth to try!

This will be my most overwhelming experience (in a good way). "C" is very indulging us with so many food and beverages. Wow... what a wonderful experience i have had.

Have a great day and Godspeed!

Macaroni House
Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan No. 16B
Puri Indah - Jakarta Barat, 11610

T. 021-5809172 / 021-51215707
Twitter: @macaroni_house
Open Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:00-22:00, Saturday-Sunday 09:00-22:00

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