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9/29/2013 Soya Yanagawa 3 Comments

Might be a little late to write this review. I went to Little Taiwan at Kota Kasablanka last August. It was started when I get tweeted by Little Taiwan's social media to come and visit. So, I went there to try their delicious meals and drinks.

Located at the Kota Kasablanka’s Lower Ground, Little Taiwan’s outlet looks so humble, nice and warm. With pastel green as their sofas and chairs and giant posters on their wall, the outlet looks very beautiful and will make you want to stay there a little bit longer. 

The outlet looks so friendly. With bright outlet, customers can take a peek from the outside and can see their cleanliness. Little Taiwan is a great place to have lunch with your relatives, dinner with your family, or just to hang around with your friends.

Their friendly server will came and escort you to your table. They will leave you for a moment, so you can take a look at their menus. Just like its name, Little Taiwan serves you with Taiwanese delicacies to your table. But not just the foods, but they also serve you with unique beverages and snow desserts. 

I asked to the server for their recommendations. I am amazed with their comprehension about the menus, they fluently guide me to the perfect dish that suits my taste and they are:

Braised Beef Noodle IDR 47,000

The noodle is perfectly cooked. It was so smooth and silky. Served inside their delicious soup and combined with braised beef, some carrot, white carrot and sprinkled with shredded chives.

The braised beef is so tender and juicy. Really love the textures and the flavor. But the most delicious is their soup. The broth was made from selected beef bones and brewed over 48 hours. That is why the soup has rich flavor. It is indeed a must try item in Little Taiwan.

Oh I almost forgot, the noodles are served with a small plate of shredded vegetable. I really like it! It has a wonderful sourness, so refreshing and addicting. 

Cream Milk Roasted oolong Tea With Pearl IDR 28,000

This beverage has a beautiful presentation. They pour the oolong tea and cream milk so they have beautiful gradation. They also put pearls inside the drink to add some textures. 

They also put the glass into bowl full of ice, to keep it cool. 

The smooth and milky cream combined with smoky oolong tea, in fact it is so refreshing. I really like the exquisite taste. The pearls make the drinks have the richness in texture. You can chew the pearl while drinking… what a wonderful and beautiful drink!

Cherry Snow Ice IDR 30,000
Milk snow ice with QQ Balls, cherry, mandarin orange and rose grain syrup.

For the dessert, I chose Cherry Snow Ice. This sweet snow ice is so smooth and melts in your mouth. They also put fruits like orange and dark cherry. To put some flavor in it, they added rose grain syrup. The most interesting ingredient in this dessert is the QQ balls.... it pops in your mouth and spread the unique flavor in your mouth. What a treat!

For me, this dessert is too sweet. But for those who have sweet tooth, this dessert is very fit for you. 

Overall, my experience at Little Taiwan is very satisfying. They have wonderful dishes that can melt your heart, cozy atmosphere that will make you want to stay as long as you want, and revitalizing drinks and desserts. So, what are you waiting for? 

Kota Kasablanka Mall, Lt. LG Unit L27 
Jl. Kasablanka Raya kav. 88,
Kuningan Jakarta

T. +6221 290 71946
Facebook: Little Taiwan
Twitter: @LittleTaiwanID

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