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I always thought that Lasagna is the sexiest dish of pasta. It has layers of ribbony pasta, interspersed with layers of various ingredients and sauces. But what makes this pasta dish is less popular than the others? Virra Vinsenssa told me that to make lasagna, is not as easy as it seems. It needs detailed attention and complex processing.

Vira Vinsenssa is the owner of Lasagna Lasagne, the most famous online shopping for lasagna in Jakarta. 

Actually, I have already heard about Lasagna Lasagne for a long time. My friends told me that Lasagna Lasagne is the best lasagna that they ever try. It really makes me wondering, is it "THAT" good?

I have ordered the Lasagna from Virra herself. In that kind of situation, i will not waste the opportunity to having a small talk with her. From our conversation, I can tell that she's a good person. She always answered my questions patiently, even at late of night.

She told me a story about how she came up with lasagna Lasagne. 

It's all started from her desire to taste the delicious lasagna in Jakarta. However, after trying a few places, she has not found lasagna that fit with her tongue. Because of her love for cooking, makes her want to make the best lasagna in town. At first, Vira cooked lasagna for herself, but when she gave it to her friends, they love it. That is where she gains her confidence to start this business on May 2013. 

She use Lasagna Lasagne as the name of her cooking business so everyone can easily remember. Usually, North American English speakers use lasagna and English speakers from outside North America usually use lasagne. 

Virra told me that Lasagna Lasagne has 3 kinds of lasagna; Beef, Mushroom and mix (Beef & Mushroom); and each of them has 2 kinds of size, which is personal size (15 x 7 x 3 m) and large size (18 x 8 x 4.5 cm). Because of that, i have ordered 1 large Beef Lasagna, 1 personal mushroom lasagna and 1 personal Mix lasagna.

My order comes with a very cute and neat package. For the personal size, Lasagna Lasagne put it on a tin plate and then they put it in a transparent plastic container. As for the large one, they used an aluminium foil container completes with its plastic lid.

Beef Lasagna Personal IDR 45,000 ; Large IDR 85,000

What makes Lasagna Lasagne is different from the others? It is because all of their lasagna was homemade, and their secret ingredient is "Love". That is why their Beef Lasagna taste really delicious and very addicting. The Lasagna neatly arranged, the meat and the cheese are very abundant.

The other things that makes Lasagna Lasagne different from other was the Premium quality ingredients. Virra said that she only uses the premium quality ingredients, that is why the taste of her lasagna is very fresh and delicious. For the béchamel sauce, when every restaurant using the sourly sauce, Lasagna Lasagne's saus is rather sweet. Combined with the savory taste from cheese makes the taste become more delicious.

Mushroom Lasagna Personal IDR 45,000 ; Large IDR 85,000

Even though Virra made this Lasagna for vegetarians, I really love mushroom lasagna the most! the sweetness from the creamy sauce and mushrooms, perfectly combined with the savory cheese. For an instant, you will feel that there is party in your mouth. 

I do admit, my only regret is I order this lasagna on personal size. Now, i am craving for more...

Mix Lasagna Personal IDR 45,000 ; Large IDR 85,000

Last but not least, is the mix lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne. For those who love mushroom and meats, this will be the perfect choice for you. You will be indulged by its sweetness and lulled by its richness of textures. 

I do admit, Lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne, is very delicious. With Virra's talent of cooking, you will not regret to order her lasagna again and again. Virra said that the lasagna could only last for 3-4 days, because she does not use any preservatives. 

Overall, Lasagna Lasagne is one of the best dishes that you have to try, to experience the deliciousness of Italian pasta while you live in Jakarta.

Facebook: Lasagna Lasagne
Mobile: +62 856 130 0086

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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